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“How the #@%! did they get this job?” is a question that is all too common after we have experiences with people with leadership titles or positions of influence. It is a sentiment that is probably repeated thousands of times every day across the globe. Perhaps you have wondered the same thing about a leader with whom you have interacted.

Just as certain that you have at one point wondered how someone got such an influential position in life is the reality that that same individual probably thinks they are doing really well. You see, every leadership voyage sets sail with confidence and a sense of possibility. Those at the helm often do not realize their leadership is sinking until it is completely shipwrecked. Have you ever noticed that most organizational change efforts are super difficult and usually yield very little in terms of positive or meaningful results?


What if conventional thinking about leadership is what produces the mistakes that sink your leadership? Jeff Mulitalo, Dr. Dan Chase, and Steve Cuthbert use their experience to introduce you to the 10 most common mistakes that almost everyone makes - but that will inevitably sink your leadership. Leadership Wrecked also provides the 6 fundamentals to discover how you can gain support and achieve sustainable results. Its groundbreaking approach is found in helping you use systems-thinking to discover real solutions to common leadership challenges and to find your version of forward. These discoveries can help you achieve meaningful leadership experiences that will enhance your career, your relationships with others, and moments that help define your life.

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